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Building Connections with Nonviolent Communication


Tue 04 / 27 / 2021
3:00 PM to 4:30 PM


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Donna Booher
Let Me See if I Get You, Building Connections with Nonviolent Communication

Do you sometimes (maybe even a lot of times) get tangled and bogged down in conversations and arguments? This can be baffling and frustrating!  We will discuss some of the tools and points of view that compassionate communication (sometimes called Nonviolent Communication) offers, and try out a few things together.  The tools are easy to understand – though they may take some practice to work best for you.

The question "Let Me See if I Get You" is one great way to free up a stuck conversation.  We’ll talk about why during our 90 minute gathering on Zoom, on Tuesday, April 27th from 3:00-4:30pm

To prepare, we encourage you to jot down something someone said to you that you did not like that you’d feel ok to have others hear about. We'll be discussing them during the workshop with each other.

About our Presenter: Meganwind Eoyang has been a trainer with Bay Area Nonviolent Communication since 2001 and in 2002 co-founded the BayNVC Safer Communities Project, which takes NVC classes to people incarcerated in Bay Area prisons and jails. She also loves supporting people with private NVC coaching, offering couples support work and providing mediation for families, organizations and communities.

To see Meganwind in action, you can view: